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Freagle is a free political social network which connects
candidates and voters in an entirely new way.

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Freagle uses your address to connect you to the candidates on your ballot to easily find out who’s running and where they stand.

Easily compare each candidate’s positions on the specific issues that matter to YOU.

Participate in opinion polls issued directly by the candidates so they know your stance on the issues. But don’t worry, you can always respond anonymously if you would rather your opinion be counted privately.

Whether you want to engage in dialogues with candidates about where they stand on the issues in our Elections Forums; ask questions or advocate positions in our Issue Forums; or learn about what those amendments really mean and how they affect you in our Amendment Forums…….Freagle will make it easy for you to be well informed before going to the polls and casting your votes.

the Platform

Freagle is your personalized political plaform
allowing you to customize the elections, candidates and issues important to you.


We live in the greatest country in the world. Not only does that bring with it the right, but also the responsibility to vote. Freagle makes it simple to learn about the candidates and amendments on your ballot so that you can vote for the people and laws that best reflect your personal beliefs.
Benjamin Howard

Patricia Morris


In a time where information overload is rampant, Freagle offers a straight-forward way to see what your candidates are saying and doing. You are allowed to interact with each of the candidates in your districts and gather important information you will need to make informed votes……while omitting all the media-driven, erroneous material out there. This site is genius! A+
Benjamin Howard

Stormy Hall



Freagle automatically connects you to the voters in your district without having to build a network of followers.

Reach voters directly on the issues they care about. Engage with them in Election Forums, and issue opinion polls to find out where your voters stand on the issues.

Freagle uses a 3rd party Identify Verification service to make sure that users are real people interested in learning about and engaging with the candidates. We do not allow Internet Trolls to sabotage healthy political dialogue.

Easily collect contributions directly through the site.


Freagle is your personalized political platform.
allowing you to engage directly with your voters on the issues they care about.


Freagle will transform political discourse and restore representation in the democratic process by connecting voters and politicians in the way our Founding Fathers intended but adapted for the Digital Age. Freagle will provide an avenue for communication, factual information and tools to improve citizen engagement, thereby mitigating the influences of money, bias and partisan rhetoric which dominant the current political environment.
Damon Baldone

Osa Betts-Williams

Candidate, District 52

I work hard every week to stay in touch with all Louisianians. Not by showing up for drive-by ribbon cuttings or speeches, but by truly listening. And Freagle is another great opportunity to communicate.
David Vitter

David Vitter

Candidate for Governor


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