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Freagle is your personalized platform for keeping up with the political issues that matter to you.

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Choose the issues and politicians you want to follow. You'll engage and communicate directly with politicians, voters and organizations.

  • Image 1 A direct channel to your elected representatives
  • Image 2 A record of their voting on the select issues that matter to you
  • Image 3 A means of knowing where candidates stand
  • Image 4 An easy way to make your voice heard – by them and others
  • Image 4 A way to keep politicians accountable for their votes and actions
  • Image 4 A window into where their money is coming from
  • Image 4 The ability to participate in polls and debate forums

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Freagle lets you engage with your current and potential supporters, explain your stands on issues, and give them reasons to support you and get behind your votes.

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